The Only Planner You Need to Grow Your Business

(AKA the best thing ever for busy solo entrepreneurs.)

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So busy RUNNING your business you forget about GROWING your business?

Not anymore, thanks to this all-in-one guide.

Lightweight & Versatile

Does your current planning system get so bogged down with client tasks and family schedules that there's no room left for your dreams? This planner is a happy place just for YOUR business. It can work as a complement to the system you already use, or on its own if you have no system. (No judgement!)

Monthly Checklists

Can you sum up your marketing plan in one sentence, for example, "Post vlog every Tuesday"? You know that's not enough. But I get it, marketing seems so overwhelming. Give yourself some much needed clarity. The monthly checklists in the Pursuit Planner will help you stay on track and keep up to date with your goals.

Plenty of Space

This planner is light on weight but large on space. With it's 9x11 LAY FLAT pages the workbook, checklists and large monthly pages allow plenty of room for plotting all of your marketing ideas and initiatives.

Set & Forget

Do you spend too much time each week feeling behind? Do you keep forgetting to create content or engage with your followers? This planner is designed to help you think through your marketing efforts once a month, with a follow up at the start of each week.

Creation Time

Have you ever written out an amazing content publishing schedule, only to realize you have no time to CREATE all of that amazing content? This planner reminds you to plan out three vital steps; creation time, publishing time, AND promotion time.

Curated Resources

Quit spending your precious marketing time attending webinars! Instead, focus on what actually works, which has been gathered and sorted for you within the Pursuit Planner resources.

This Planner Is For You If...

  • You serve your clients well, and create valuable content pretty regularly, but aren't seeing results
  • You know you need to "do marketing" but aren't sure where to start, or how to keep it up.
  • Your business is about to EXPLODE and you just need a little marketing bump to send you over the tipping point.

This Planner Is NOT For You If...

  • You already have a working marketing plan, publishing schedule, and see a lot of ROI from your efforts.
  • You're looking for some sort of get rich quick scheme guide.
  • You're not willing to put work into building your business, you'd rather stay at your current level of income and influence.

Take a Look Inside

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Curated Resource Pages


Ideas & Tasks

How It Works

Limited Quantities Available!

Don't Wait! This is a dated product so we're only printing a limited amount, and when they're gone, they're gone.

You’re a dreamer and a hustler. That’s why you're here.

You have a business to run, clients to serve, plus you have a family, social engagements, it’s a LOT. No marketing plan is one-size-fits-all, but this planner is. Maybe you hesitate to purchase paper planners. Maybe you keep business tasks in a digital calendar with alerts for your phone and computer. That is super smart, I bet you got really great grades in school. Maybe you have a large wall calendar that you absolutely live by. You might be an old school At-a-Glance kinda guy.Or maybe you’re a working mom with a giant life planner that tracks stuff like your water intake, your family meals, your toddler's potty training, and migratory bird patterns. That’s awesome!But if you’re like most, whatever your current sytem, you forget to schedule in building your brand.  You plot a bunch of great reminders in January and then stall out around Valentine’s day. It happens to all of us, because we run out of ideas and are unsure what to do next. You may write “post blog post” but you forget to plot time for creating that content and then actually promoting that content and repurposing that content later. What if you had a guide? What if you had a monthly checklist with weekly reminders so you actually execute all of your amazing ideas, not to mention tweet, Pin things or update LinkedIn? When is the last time you checked your google analytics to see what parts of your site your viewers love most? 

That is what the Pursuit Planner is. It has only what you need to build your brand; resources, instructions, and ideas. It can work WITH your existing planners and calendars or on its own. If you only take the checklists and information, input them into your own system and then promptly burn this pretty planner, it will have been money well spent and you’ll be ACTUALLY USING this tool, which is the goal! 

Your pursuit is too important. Your ideas are too good to stay locked in your head or get forgotten in a drawer. Let’s make them a reality this year.

I hate planners because they require… planning. But this one is different—it plans, reminds, coaches, and inspires!

Mike Loomis

Brand Strategist

I love the Pursuit Planner because it keeps everything in one place, from a solid mission statement to an overall marketing plan to the daily execution tasks, it is just what I needed to stay focused on running my business, rather than my business running me!

Amy Latta

Wellness Coach & Speaker

I am typically not a paper guy, but the more I read this, the more I completely changed my tune. It is filled with practical advice not to mention encouragement! I cannot recommend this planner highly enough because I KNOW it will help.

Jim Woods

Writer & Editor

The Pursuit Planner is a comprehensive guide to make sure that my marketing is both strategic AND intentional!

Jessica Garbarino

Founder, Every Single Dollar

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  • Monthly Checklists
  • Quarterly Reminders
  • Monthly Pages
  • Resource Lists
  • 3 Daily & 3 Weekly Sheet Options (Printable PDFs)

About The Author

Kelsey Humphreys

Oh hey there! Are you hustling to build your solo business? I so get it. I am a journalist and media entrepreneur. I write for multiple publications and I have a business talk show, The Pursuit, on which I've interviewed some of the absolute best - Michael Hyatt, Chalene Johnson, the Property Brothers, and Lewis Howes to name a few. 

I also wrote an Amazon bestseller (1000s sold! Crazy!) about my entrepreneurial journey, Go Solo, which was endorsed by Barbara Corcoran and Jon Acuff. In all of my content, I try to encourage and equip solopreneurs for success. You CAN reach success, and strategic marketing will speed up your journey! 

Before going solo, I was an Associate Creative Director at an agency and handled campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, regional businesses, and small mom and pops. All of that experience, my own solo journey, my interviews and my research, have helped me create this amazing product that I believe every hustling small business owner truly needs. 

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